At Mediatoon Agency, you’ll find strong brands, new content, and TV programs for all the family. On top of that, Mediatoon brings international expertise, marketing strategy, graphic design and artwork, as well as legal and management contracts.
Mediatoon Agency operates with 3 teams: Mediatoon Foreign Rights, Mediatoon Licensing and Mediatoon Distribution.
The Mediatoon teams and agents are based in Paris, Bruxelles, Antwerp, Munich, Milan, Barcelona and Madrid, and our key customers are publishing companies like Dargaud, Dupuis, Le Lombard, Kana, Fleurus, Ankama,.. and audiovisual production companies such as Ellipsanime and Belvision and video games production companies like Anuman..

Mediatoon Foreign Rights sells licenses to a wide selection of comics for all tastes and ages, from classic Franco-Belgian series to contemporary graphic novels as well as art books, illustrated children’s books, and works derived from films and other audiovisual productions. The Foreign Rights team is also at the origin of the Europe Comics project, which makes the great diversity and wealth of European comics available to English-language readers in digital format.

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Mediatoon Licensing provides a wide range of comics and manga for the development of consumer products, parks and family entertainment centers, publishing, promotional and communications operations and, last but not least, collector items.

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Mediatoon Distribution shares high quality animation with TV broadcasters, video editors, interactive Platforms (VOS, SVOD, IPTV). We work with popular series such as the Garfield Show, Bobby and Bill, Lucky Luke, Tintin and Asterix.

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Mediatoon Audiovisual Rights represents the largest Comics and Graphic novels catalogs in Europe, as well as some independants general littérature publishers. The team handles all the queries of adaptation into long or short films, TV series (live actions or animated) and even live shows, in France and all around the globe.

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Parc Spirou


Inauguration on June the 1st! 2018/05

As planned, the official inauguration of Parc Spirou, located in Monteux near Avignon, will take place on June 1st. The opening to the public will be the days that follow. You can soon book your tickets on the website of Parc Spirou © Dupuis 2018

Zombillénium, a park of hell ! 2017/10

At the haunted theme park Zombillenium, the monsters are down in the dumps. Not only are the park’s zombies, vampires, werewolves and other demons real monsters, whose souls belong to the devil, they’re also sick of their jobs, and tired of having to constantly entertain their voyeuristic and egotistical human customers. It doesn’t help much …

Spirou et Fantasio

2018 is the year of the world’s most famous bellboy! 2017/05

To celebrate his 80th birthday, Spirou will be starring in the new Alexandre Coffre movie “The Adventures of Spirou and Fantasio”, with Thomas Soliveres and Alex Lutz (Metropolitan Filmexport distribution). The movie will be released in June 2018.

Our brands

In 2017, the brands awareness will be developed through major events.